Change4Life Champions are young leaders that are typically in Year 5 and Year 6, who are used as an essential part of the Healthy Schools programme within their own school to help promote the message of healthy living to other pupils through organising fun activities and events.

Benefits of the becoming a Change4Life Champion

• Exploring how positive habits can influence our mind, body and emotions
• Taking part in fun games and activities
• Understanding food types and ingredients to develop a healthier lifestyle
• Highlighting the importance of a healthy diet and exercise
• Become a Healthy Active Lifestyle Ambassador
Change4Life Sports Clubs in Primary Schools

Primary sports clubs have been created to increase physical activity levels in less active seven- to nine-year-olds, through multi-sport themes.
The clubs strive to create an exciting and inspirational environment for children to engage in school sport. Over time the clubs will ensure that they take part in lifelong sport and physical activity, reducing the risk of chronic disease in later life.

What sports are involved?

Currently there are five themes that take their influence from a range of sports:
• Adventure: canoeing, cycling, orienteering, rowing, sailing
• Combat: boxing, fencing, judo, taekwondo, wrestling
• Creative: cheerleading, diving, gymnastics, jump rope, swimming
• Flight: cricket, handball, rounders, softball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball
• Target: archery, boccia, bowls, goalball, golf, fencing

Benefits to the school

Change4Life Sports Clubs are proving to have a significant impact on many whole school priorities such as behaviour, attendance and attainment. They also provide schools with a vehicle for developing a sense of belonging, confidence and competence in young people. This can translate to other aspects of school life and priorities, such as special educational needs and the Pupil Premium.

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