Eating nutritionally balanced meals doesn’t mean they will be ‘dull or boring’. We believe that children should look forward to eating at school. 

This is where Principals can help. Principals will work with each school, every term, to promote the food that we produce. This starts with the food counters, the staff and the dishes themselves. Photos, cartoons, signage and simple descriptions are all used to get the message across.lunch

We also organise special theme days which may reinforce something being taught in school; perhaps food from a particular geographic region, or food based on a particular subject. Principals also runs competitions and donates prizes to promote healthy eating.

We like to work closely with the school management team and have many systems in place to facilitate ongoing feedback about our catering service. This helps us plan menus and promotions so that the food service remains dynamic and interesting. It also allows us to answer individual queries and concerns.

Lunchtime Menu

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