At Cecil Road Primary School, we aim to provide a variety of experiences which will encourage the children to reach their full mathematical potential by developing a positive and confident approach towards mathematics.
The curriculum will include a full range of mathematical activities covering all aspects of the subject including number, shape space and measure and data handling. Using and applying mathematics will be integrated throughout lessons and include practical investigational, problem-solving and oral activities. Pupils participate in regular speaking and listening activities in order to improve their use of appropriate mathematical vocabulary. In addition teaching staff use a variety of resources, including Interactive Whiteboards and Numicon, in their lessons to enhance children’s learning.

Most of all, throughout this depth and breadth experience, they will grow a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

Recently the Government made changes to the mathematics curriculum (September 2014) and you can read the main changes below:

  • Multiplication facts now to be learnt up to 12x12
  • A single formal written method to be taught for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Calculation of fractions included
  • Calculation of the area of shapes other than squares and rectangles included
  • Probability has been removed from KS2, now starting in KS3
  • Emphasis on essential numeracy skills and arithmetic, including using money and telling the time
  • Calculators to be limited in use until the later years of primary