This page contains useful links for parents to find out information about special education needs, websites containing useful resources, guidance on dealing with special education needs, on line discussion groups and links to ways of accessing support.

Year 4 Pupil
This is an Ubuntu school. I care for others and they care for me...

Special Education Needs

Cecil Road School values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils.  We endeavour to provide the best learning conditions for each pupil, promoting development in understanding and social maturity alongside their peers wherever possible.  Special Education Needs are identified early and the school works closely to plan a curriculum to meet the children’s needs.

A team of highly qualified teaching assistants provide extra support in school. The children have planned interventions delivered in small groups or individually. If necessary, we involve outside agencies or seek further specialist advice and support.

We work in partnership with our children, parents, carers, specialists and governors. The school values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils and celebrates small steps progress.

Family Support Worker
We also have a family support worker on our staff.  It is her role to support pupils who may have barriers to learning and to work closely with parents to help overcome difficulties. These pupils could be lacking in confidence, poor attenders, have suffered from a bereavement or upset at home and a boost of extra support and encouragement can sometimes make all the difference to them.

To find out more all you need to do is simply click on one of the links below...

SEND Arrangements

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The Local Offer

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Information, Advice & Support (IASK)

Ask offers advice about special educational needs so children, young people and their parents can make informed decisions about education

National Autistic Society

The leading UK charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families provides information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for people with autism

British Dyslexia Association

An organisation, offering a wide range of information for parents, dyslexic adults and teachers.

Ifield Smile

Ifield Smile is committed to supporting the inclusion process in Gravesham and Kent schools. Ifield Smile can also be emailed at: Download the Ifield brochure, which is full of courses and support groups to help understand special needs.