Cecil Road Primary & Nursery

Virtual Reality Space Fun for Year 5

Year 5 had an amazing opportunity to travel to and around the solar system using Virtual Reality. 

The children eagerly listened as the instructor explained how the VR worked and what the experience would entail. 

This was swiftly followed by the children wearing the headsets and lots of ooohs and aahs as the VR took them on a space adventure. 

The children amazed the instructor with their knowledge of the solar system and asked some amazing questions. 

"That was amazing, I kept reaching out trying to touch things even though I knew nothing was there really.  I was completely fooled!  The VR meant I didn't have to use my imagination when we were learning about a planet as it was right there in front of me." Child in Y5. 

The children all really enjoyed their visit to space without leaving the school grounds with thanks to the VR experience. 

Well Done to the all the children for their amazing questions and for the staff for organising.