Cecil Road Primary & Nursery


At Cecil Road Primary and Nursery School, our curriculum strives to help children to engage, develop, innovate and express their learning, in a variety of different ways.  We ensure breadth and balance by teaching the National Curriculum and making links with subjects, where possible, through exciting and relevant theme topics.

The interests of both children and teachers design the course of study so it remains fresh and inspiring. We also create additional opportunities for children to learn first-hand through an annual plan of visits and visitors where learning is brought to life.

Wow moments are found at every opportunity, then recorded and shared in various different ways, including our floor books. If you walk into any of our classroom expect to see lots of thinking and questioning to develop a deeper understanding.  

Educational Trips and Visits

Educational visits, visitors and residential trips are part of the school curriculum and are carefully planned to support the learning of your child. On entry to the school, you are asked to sign a form allowing your child to visit local places of interest where no transport will be required. For other visits, you will be asked to sign and return a permission slip.

Children are supervised very closely on all visits.


There will be some educational visits and residential trips that need transport and admission fees. We invite you to make a voluntary contribution to enable the school to continue providing valuable educational visits which enrich the learning of your child. If you are having financial difficulty or are entitled to pupil premium funding please don't hesitate to contact the office, who will be able to advise you.


Attached below are the Curriculum Maps.