Cecil Road Primary & Nursery



Quality of Education is the core purpose of any school, and it is therefore essential to establish a powerful, clear, and shared vision for teaching and learning. 

At Cecil Road Primary & Nursery School, our vision revolves around the concept of offering an engaging and enriching curriculum where every child is recognised as a unique individual.

Our vision is based on our values; the 5C’s that create the Cecil Road Curriculum:

Commitment – Always working hard and trying our best

Creativity – Using what we know to create something new

Courage – Being able to take risks and try new ideas

Cooperation – Taking turns, sharing and working together

Compassion – Caring about others, treating them with kindness and helping each other

● The 5C’s that create the Cecil Road Curriculum in teaching means that we see our staffing team as experts in learning, who are empowered to focus on communicating their expertise to our children. They use their expertise to plan and deliver and engaging lessons through a cross- curricular approach.

●  The 5C’s that create the Cecil Road Curriculum in learning means that we believe in Growth Mindset, and expect all of our students to be engaged and enriched through challenge to ensure they achieve a deep understanding.

● The 5C’s that create the Cecil Road Curriculum in leadership means that the teaching and learning is the core purpose of everything we do at Cecil Road Primary and Nursery School to ensure that everyone is a valued part of our community.

At Cecil Road Primary and Nursery school we encourage independence for all our children.

We promote communication-friendly spaces for all learners.  This means that resources are accessible for all and are labelled for the children, and the use of colour and space are carefully considered. We operate a keep your door open policy in all classrooms, and actively encourage visitors to join in with learning at any time.

Each classroom has the following:

An interactive and interesting book corner – to engage and promote Reading for Pleasure.

A working wall for English and for Maths preferably displayed near the board.

A topic based display with technical vocabulary – this can be developed throughout the term and carried over. 

Floor Books

Each class has a floor book accessible to all children this will be to capture Wow moments, independent homework and shared learning experiences.

We also use a different floor book to record our RE and PSHE. (RE one end/PSHE the other).

It is a way of recording and extending the children’s ideas.  It is intended to run alongside the planning that is already taking place.

In KS1 it is on display all the time and the children can add to it whenever they want eg in CI time, small group etc.

In KS2 it is  permanently displayed with a small display of artefacts and then left for children to add to with ideas, questions, and research from home etc.



Attached below are the Whole School Curriculum Maps.

Alternatively, you can look at each Year Groups Curriculum in the side bar.