Cecil Road Primary & Nursery



Mohandas Gandhi was an inspiration to many people as he tried to improve conditions in India. As is shown in one famous quote, ‘Be the change you want to see happen in the world’, he encouraged people to aspire and achieve their goals through their actions.

In Gandhi class we try to live up to this by working hard and being kind to one another. Every day, we praise our daily star of the day for their hard work as they stand proud in their superhero pose and fly off to the cloakroom.

We are a class that loves to debate and listen to each other’s point of view; there’s never a shortage of ideas or opinions. As we are becoming more independent learners, we know that we have to embrace our mistakes and accept challenges in order to achieve our goals.

Rock and Roll Theme

We have had a fantastic time learning about the earth's structure and why volcanoes and earthquakes happen. Rock day was a particular highlight. The day was jam-packed with activities including creating our own models of the earth's layers, investigating different rocks and minerals under powerful microscopes and creating a mini eruption. Armed with all this fantastic knowledge about the power of the earth, we wrote descriptive writing about earthquakes and amazing stories about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.