Cecil Road Primary & Nursery

Remote Home Learning

Welcome, to the Remote Learning Section of our website. 

We are very excited to announce that as a school we are using Microsoft Teams to support Remote Learning and develop the computing skills of our amazing children.

To log in to Teams: CLICK HERE

If you need help or want to find out more please CLICK HERE - this is a parents guide to Teams and how to set it up from Microsoft. 

If you have any questions regarding Home Learning please contact us via the home learning emails. 

Home Learning Emails
Year R (Donaldson & Rosen) homelearningR@cecilroad.co.uk
Year 1 (Peake & Potter) homelearning1@cecilroad.co.uk
Year 2 (Attenborough & Johnson) homelearning2@cecilroad.co.uk
Year 3 (Curie & Gandhi) homelearning3@cecilroad.co.uk
Year 4 (Einstein & Parks) homelearning4@cecilroad.co.uk
Year 5 (Williams & Dickens) homelearning5@cecilroad.co.uk
Year 6 (Weir & Mandela) homelearning6@cecilroad.co.uk

We have created a helpful sheet to share expectations of the children and families during our Remote Learning because as a community we know: Together We Achieve More.