Cecil Road Primary & Nursery

SEN during Covid


Dear Parents

We hope you and your children are keeping safe and well. Once again, we find ourselves in this unusual situation and understand how this pandemic is affecting everyone, and how lines between school life and home life have become blurry.

Your child may be less accepting of your instructions than their teacher’s - or vice versa. They may find it hard to sit still and focus on their classwork at home. In addition, depending on their level of additional needs, they may not fully understand why they are not going to school, or why they can't do their usual out-of-school activities.

We are also aware that many children - not just those with SEN - will find it hard to maintain a learning mind-set amidst the constant changes to everyday life, so don't panic if your child is refusing to complete their learning. Try not to put too much pressure on your child and yourself, especially if they are struggling with their emotions and resisting your attempts to get them to do their work, spellings, times tables practice or reading.  They are likely to be buzzing with pent-up energy and frustration, and will quickly be using up all their concentration and listening resources with this.

Look for ways around their difficulties: you could, for instance, use a games-based spelling app rather than getting them to do their spellings on paper, or read to them if they don't want to read independently.

We have put together a few ideas for you should you find that your child is unable to attempt a piece of work or the day has become too over whelming for them. There is a mixture of apps, websites, games, activities and advice that we hope you might find useful.

If you do get to the point where nothing is going as planned then don’t feel guilty in downing tools and having some time away with a movie, some baking, some playing and free time; tomorrow is always a new day. However if your child is really struggling with work, please talk to their teacher or contact us as we are here to support you and your child, whether they are going to school or learning at home. 

Hopefully we will all be back in school soon,

Mrs Adams and Mrs Day.