Cecil Road Primary & Nursery


Cecil Road’s aim is to develop and inspire our children in all aspects of the English curriculum, from spoken language, reading comprehension and of course writing composition. We provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced through different themes, topics and genres to motivate both boys and girls across the key stages.

We are always working hard to ensure our children experience English lessons which are enjoyable and stimulating to develop creativity and engagement from all. We do this through exposing children to a range of different texts, videos and active experiences to help them write in a variety of styles and genres. They are taught how to organise their own work so it suits the purpose, with a focus on relevant and high quality vocabulary. All children are consistently encouraged to edit and improve their writing, through using a variety of resources available within our classrooms. 

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We encourage our children to read frequently, using both our school banded books and children’s chosen books from the wide ranges within our classroom book corners. We have adopted a new approach to the teaching of reading where the children are immersed into a high quality text and are explicitly taught the vital skills of becoming a fluent reader with strong comprehensive skills.   

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