Cecil Road Primary & Nursery


Subject Leader. Mrs.E. Shearn


Religious Education (RE) at Cecil Road school explores big questions about life, in order to find out what people believe and how their beliefs affect the way they live their lives. Children engage in discussion about their own beliefs and reflect on their own ways of living. This helps our children to make sense of religion and world views.


At Cecil Road, we follow the updated Kent Scheme 2022-2027. This scheme explores religious and non-religious worldviews from different perspectives whilst making space for pupils’ own beliefs and worldviews. At Cecil Road, we encourage pupils’ personal development, applying their learning to their living. We encourage conversations between children about beliefs and practices. Our curriculum is structured so that is allows for progression across the school. We ensure a range of resources are used so that children are fully engaged.

We provide many opportunities for children to learn about festivals of different religions, by taking part in whole days dedicated to a religious celebration. We also ensure children have opportunities to visit a range of places of worship linked to their big question in RE.



Children at Cecil Road can speak freely about their own beliefs and practices confidently in a safe space without fear of judgement. The progression of our curriculum enables pupils to embed their learning in their long-term memory as we offer many opportunities to revisit and recall knowledge. At the end of each Key Stage, children are prepared for the next stage of their education.